Soothing Sundown Kit

How to include in your routine

cleanse → nourish → treat

cleanse → nourish → treat

Suitable for all skintypes, including sensitive
(not suitable for those with nickel allergies)

The Peep Club Soothing Sundown kit offers all you need to quickly and effectively improve the comfort of your eyes and the quality of the skin around the eyes. Use daily for noticeably... Read more


    • Everything you need to ‘cleanse’, ‘nourish’ and ‘treat’ your eyes in one kit
    • Quick, convenient and highly effective
    • Refreshing, long lasting hydration for the whole eye area
    • Targets BOTH eye comfort AND improves the skin quality around the eyes
    • Deeply nourishing and conditioning
    • The softest, most gentle reusable pads that can last up to a year
    • Balm is packed with Vitamin E and Lauric Acid - it naturally adds luster and noticeably fortifies eyelashes with regular use
    • Spray is formulated with wild-harvest Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate
    • Free from ‘The Thirsty Three’ known eye irritants (alcohol, preservatives, fragrance)
    • Free from wax, which can clog the glands around the eyes and is in most traditional eye balms
    • Vegan
    • SKIN TYPE: ALL, including sensitive