Soothing Sundown Kit

The ultimate treat for dry, tired eyes.This kit is the perfect way to wipe away the grime of the day by soothing, nourishing and pampering your peepers.​

Kit includes:

  • Heated Eye Wand™ (original) + Charger

Called a "game-changer" and "like a hot stone massage for your eyes" by our customers. This multi award winning light-weight wand has 3 settings (heat + massage, heat + red LED light and heat + massage + red LED light). The hot compress feature allows you to choose your temperature preference from 37 to 45C). The wand heats up in under 60 seconds and retains heat throughout use. It can be used as a quick, convenient and effective alternative to a hot compress to help radically improve eye comfort throughout the day. The Heated Eye Wand has been clinically proven to hold heat at an optimum temperature for the required length of use. It is clinically proven to help improve eye comfort and hydration.

The gentle massage setting encourages circulation and lymphatic drainage to de-puff both under and upper eyelids. Red light LED therapy, used by the likes of NASA for 3+ decades, promotes the production of collagen and elastin to smooth your entire eye area. Use all three settings together or turn the massage and LED light on/off per your preference. (+USB Charging Cable)

  • Soothing Coconut Eye Balm (120ml, 4oz.)

Our award-winning eye balm was designed to nourish and protect your entire eye area. Naturally packed with Vitamin E, it can help with even the driest under eyes and has been shown to help with dark under eye circles. Coconut also works as a wonderful anti-bacterial to protect your eyelashes while chamomile soothes and calms any inflammation. But the real hero is Cureberry, a potent antioxidant, that protects against damage from free radical damage (such as environmental stressors; pollution and blue light from screens).

  • 8x Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads (+ Laundry Bag)

The softest, most gentle reusable pads - to replace single-use wipes, cotton pads or rounds (better for your eyes, the planet and your wallet!). These can be used along with our eye balm for a super effective lid and lash cleanser.

  • Reusable Drawstring Bag (not pictured)
      +HOW TO USE

      Remove contact lenses before use of the Heated Eye Wand™ 

      1) Gently pat a pea-sized amount of our Soothing Coconut Eye Balm around your eye area using a clean finger or one of our Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads. The balm and our pads work perfectly as a very gentle eye makeup remover! You can also use your favourite under eye cream or serum - the device will actually increase the efficacy and penetration of this product!

      2) Heat-up your wand to 37-42 C (this should take about 1 minute). Add the massage and/ or LED features per your preference (we recommend using all three).

      3) Gently run the wand along your lower lid (below your eyelashes) starting with the inner corner of your eye and very slowly working your way to the outer corner of your eye. The slower the better - to give the heat enough time to work. One run from inner to outer corner should take 15 seconds. Repeat this motion for at least 60 seconds (please do not use the wand for longer than 60 seconds on any area).

      4) Repeat the process for your upper lid (we advise turning the red LED light off when the wand is being used on your upper lid).

      5) Repeat on the other eye.

      For best results, use every evening. Can also be used morning and evening or as often as required.



      Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut Oil), Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract (Chamomile Extract), Vaccinium Myrtillus Leaf Extract (Cureberry Extract).

      FREE FROM: Preservatives, alcohol, fragrance.

      Plant-based ingredients are all Organic or Wild-Harvested.


      Soothing Coconut Eye Balm

      Please do not use the coconut balm if you are allergic to coconut or any of the other ingredients (chamomile, cureberry). Made in an environment which may have traces of nuts.

      Heated Eye Wand™​

      Please note that these are standard contraindications for most electrical facial gadgets.

      Please do not use if:

      You are allergic to Nickel (the wand head is made of a metal alloy that contains a small quantity of nickel).

      Please consult your doctor before using the Heated Eye Wand™​ if:

      You are epileptic, photophobic or light sensitive (for example, as the result of taking any medications that have a side effect of photosensitivity) or suffer from light induced or electricity induced headaches.

      You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

      You have or have had skin cancer.

      You have a pacemaker or have any metal plates or pins around the head or neck.

      You have any genetic eye conditions or have had any eye surgery in the past 2 years or have had any reason to visit Hospital Eye Services for any reason (including for treatment of any eye condition or trauma to the eye).

      Please wait 4 weeks before using the wand after any cosmetic treatments such as injectables.

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