Why the sun is good (and bad) for eyes!

We all know not to look directly at the sun – the sun’s light rays are incredibly high energy and can cause irreparable damage to the back of the eye in a very short period of time. 

But natural sunlight is also critical to our overall health – helping initate and regulate important hormones that affect everything from mood to sleep. 

The best way to manage summer sunshine is:

  1. First thing in the morning, open all your curtains/ blinds/ shades and soak in the natural light to help your body wake-up and recognise that it’s day time. 
  2. Keep sunglasses off until 10am to allow your eyes to absorb the natural light EXCEPT if you are driving or working around reflective surfaces like water, roads, windows or snow.  
  3. Between 10am and 4pm is the most intense period of sunlight, when it is overhead – this is the ideal time to use sun cream all over (including around your eyes) and wear your sunglasses for comfort and protection.
  4. After 5pm, or when you notice the sun starting to go down towards the horizon, is again a time to consider going sunglasses free (only if it’s comfortable and again, only if you are not around reflective surfaces) to soak up the natural light and allow your body to recognise that it is transitioning from day to evening to help you prepare for a good nights sleep. 
  5. Never look directly into the sun, at any time. Even the best sunglasses can’t protect your eyes from the direct light rays of the sun. 

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