We always aim to make environmentally respectful, regenerative and transparent choices, from design to delivery. In other words, we want to do good for your eyes, and the planet.  

There’s always space for growth and we’re continually working  to be more  sustainable. . Here’s how our values are making a positive impact on the environment so far: 


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • We’re the only eyecare company who doesn’t use single-use products, such as single-use wipes. Our Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads can be used for up to 200 washes and can save you from throwing away 100+ single use cotton pads or wipes 
  • We keep our products in their ‘birthday suit’ and use e minimal external paper packaging to reduce unnecessary waste



  •  We use recyclable, reusable or biodegradable shipping packaging -our packing peanuts are made from wheat and cornstarch and can be dissolved easily in water!s
  • We aim to eliminate as much virgin plastic as possible to aim for best-in-class recyclability  We don’t sell on Amazon as we haven’t yet been convinced of their environmental commitment, particularly when it comes to shipping  
  • Where possible, we ship with the Royal Mail as they are currently the greenest carrier in the market, with the lowest emission per parcel (based on publicly available reported gCO2e per parcel from other UK parcel operators). They are on a mission to become net zero by 2040.


  •  At the bottom of each product page we disclose how much packaging is recyclable -  if there’s a component that isn’t, we explain why