We recommend using your Eye Wand for 1-2 minutes on your lower eyelid followed by 1-2 minutes on your upper eyelid (a total of 2-4 minutes per eye). 

We recommend your Wand 1-2 times per day (am and pm) for the first 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, we recommend using it 1 time per day, 3-4 times per week - although many of our customers continue to use it every day as part of their self-care routine!.

We recommend using your Eye Wand once in the morning and once in the evening for the first 2 weeks. After that, you can add it in either in the morning or the evening - whatever you think works best for the comfort of your own eyes!

The beauty of our eye balm is that it works as a cleanser (to remove dirt, makeup and bacteria) but also as a leave-on treatment to nourish the whole eye area (including your lashes!). No need to rinse it off!

You can apply your eye cream after the Coconut Balm - use the balm as a cleanser/ eye makeup remover, then add your eye cream on top! Use the Eye Wand last - as a bonus, the Eye Wand will help increase the penetration and absorption of your favourite eye cream.

Our Wand can help with puffiness! The gentle vibration of the Wand helps to promote lymphatic drainage around the eye area. Fluid retention is a key cause of puffy eyelids and eye bags, the Eye Wand works to boost circulation and decrease this fluid retention.

Your Eye Balm should last around 3 months if you use it every day but of course depends on how much you use!

The Eye Wand works to alleviate the underlying cause of Dry Eyes while the drops help relieve the symptoms. The drops and the Wand can absolutely be used together. Use the wand in the morning and/ or evening and use the drops throughout the day to help relieve your symptoms. 

Please consult your doctor to make sure it is okay for you to use the Eye Wand with your headaches!