Peep Club is fast gaining cult status; loved by Doctors and Beauty Experts alike!
Here is a sample of some of our favourite press coverage 
"Genius"- Hannah Coates (September Issue)
"To soothe sore eyes further, try Peep Club’s Eye Wand, a massage tool that warms to 45C and works like a hot stone for your orbital area to gently stimulate and unblock the tiny glands responsible for naturally hydrating your eyes." - Georgia Day (August Issue)
"Let them see you with new eyes with this natural eye spritz which uses wild harvested colourless sea buckthorn oil and sodium hyaluronate, to relieve dry eyes when traveling."
" Peep Club offers salvation from tired, itchy irritated eyes" 
"Tried and verified" - Lisa Armstrong, Head of Fashion
"Try the clever Peep Club Eye Wand designed to tackle both dry eyes and ageing eye skin. It gently vibrates and emits 45c heat as you move it around your lids, stimulating the glands and liquefying the oils. It also emits red LED light, known to stimulate collagen production in the skin, while the massage action helps drain puffiness. Works a treat." - Ingeborg van Lotringen
"Peep Club have a clever Heated Eye Wand, which uses a combination of heat and massage to gently unblock the glands. Plus, the wand also offers circulation-encouraging and lymphatic drainage functions, and red light LED therapy to de-puff and boost collagen production." - Lottie Winter
"A hot compress, like Peep Club’s Heated Eye Wand, can relieve this blockage and go a long way towards restoring the natural balance of your eyes."- Tor Cardona
"I was saved by Victoria, Get The Gloss' editorial director, who asked me to review the genius Peep Club Eye wand tool. It was created by ophthalmologists and is both easy and joyous to use. It's specifically designed for dry eyes and I’m now obsessively using every night.... I’ve been gently using it on my eyelids for about a minute on each and it's now my favourite part of my nighttime beauty treatment. The watery eye problem has gone and thankfully the hot compresses are history." - Marie-Louise Pumfrey
"Banish itchy, gritty, dry peepers with Peep Club's Instant Relief Eye Spray for natural refreshment and calm" - Alison Tyler
"Just when I’d given up trying to get rid of the permanent pillows under my eyes, along comes a magic wand designed to banish bags and revive dry, tired eyes...This game changer home-kit is the business....Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!" - Juliet Herd
"Never in a million years did I expect to see "chic" in the same sentence as "dry eyes," but that's exactly what Peep Club is. Ever since the founder sent me their Dry Eye Kit, I've been using it nightly." - Leslie Stephens
"8 beauty brands making a difference"

"This UK based brand is an organic expert-recommended eye care. Moreover, they are sustainable, vegan, paraben and chemical free. If you can only feel and touch their reusable organic velvet bamboo pads!"
"I wanted to make sure I spread the message far and wide so everyone knows about these little life savers. The one that has really come to my rescue and been my saviour is Instant Relief Eye Spray, I’ve been using it daily to keep my eyes fresh and hydrated. Whether its whilst I’m working, resting or out having fun this spray is on me to keep my eyes the happiest they’ve been in a long time!"
"The Peep Club Heated Eye Wand is a game-changer... Originally created by optometrists as an efficacious alternative to traditional dry eye products, the wand is also loved for its incredible beauty benefits. What’s more, it’s a dream to use. After each treatment you’ll feel like you’ve had a hot stone massage for the eyes."