“We’re here to make your journey to good eye health joyful!”

Welcome to the club!

Peep Club is the brainchild of childhood friends Nicola, an award-winning optometrist, and Natasha, a brand-strategist with serious dry eyes. Natasha came to see Nicola as a patient, convinced she would have to leave the job she loved because she couldn’t get her dry eyes under control. Together, they sourced and tried every drop and eyecare product they could get their hands on.

Along the way, they realised that the problem was that Natasha couldn’t find a product she trusted or loved enough to ‘stick’ in her routine long enough for it to work. The products were difficult to use, had long, indecipherable, sometimes questionable, ingredients lists, and packaging that she would rather keep out of sight – which naturally meant, out of mind. She was still left with watering, burning, sensitive eyes.

Together they set out to solve this for Natasha and for the millions of others who are just like her. They learned that many products used around the eyes, such as cleansers, creams and makeups were contributing to Natasha’s eye issues and could be reformulated in an eye-friendly way. Peep Club was born. They used Nicola’s optometry expertise to innovate product design, Natasha’s marketing mind to bring joy to every use and their joint passion for doing better by the planet to create an ethical supply chain they could be proud of.

Or as we like to say; “we’re a treat, not just a treatment, for dry or sensitive eyes”