“Make the journey to good eye health joyful”

Peep Club is the brainchild of childhood friends Nicola, an award-winning optometrist, and Natasha, a brand-strategist with serious dry eyes. Natasha came to see Nicola as a patient, convinced she would have to leave the job she loved because she couldn’t get her dry eyes under control, she had tried every drop and eye care product she could get her hands on and was still left with watery, burning eyes by the end of the day. 

Together they set out to solve this for Natasha and for the millions of others who are just like her. They learned that many products used around the eyes, such as cleansers, creams and makeups were contributing to Natasha’s eye issues and could be reformulated in an eye-friendly way. Along the way they realised that they could challenge the existing old-school pharmaceutical industry, by borrowing from the more innovative beauty world to create products with much better results, that also brought them joy to use.

Peep Club products are designed for a proud place on your vanity, not tucked away in your medicine cabinet. 

“No more tears over dry eyes”

They are most proud for being recognised by some of the leading eye doctors for our results-driven approach and for being known as an innovator in a very traditional market. Most recently Peep Club was nominated for the Beauty Industry Disruptor Award by The Sunday Times Style Magazine and hope to continue to create better products for those with dry or sensitive eyes. 

Whether caused by age, environment or hormones, Nicola and Natasha strongly believed that there should be no more tears over dry eyes. Seeing everything through the eyes of our customer is at the very heart of Peep Club - every decision is through the lens of those with dry or sensitive eyes. Whether it’s making a formulating decision, a packaging decision or even our user guides. That’s why Peep Club have a commitment to never formulate without ‘The Thirsty Three’ which are a list of known eye irritants you can read more about here - coming soon.

It goes without saying that this should all be done in a way that respects and ideally, regenerates our planet. To read more about our core sustainability values and our continued commitment to creating ‘greener’ products you can be proud to use read here.


How Peep Club works...

All of our products are designed to fit into a simple three step routine;

Step 1) Cleanse (cleanse the whole eye area or remove any eye makeup)

Step 2) Nourish (replenish and hydrate the delicate eye skin and eye lashes)

Step 3) Treat (restore balance and comfort to the eye itself)

Our kits combine products from two or more steps to get you started on the journey to the perfect eye care routine.  

Cleanse products:

Cleansing Lash Foam

Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads


Nourish products:

Soothing Coconut Eye Balm

Hydrating Portable Humidifier


Treat products:

Heated Eye Wand™

Heated Eye Wand™ PRO 

Heated Eye Wand™ PRO Nickel-Free 

Instant Relief Eye Spray