Starter Dry Eye Kit

A holy grail product pairing for anyone whose eyes need to be rescued and restored. This power pair of products, brings together the nutrient-rich, lightweight Eye Rescue Lidstick™ as a calming overnight treatment to boost skin barrier, tackle redness and repair dry skin and our best-selling Heated Eye Wand™ PRO. All packaged in a beautiful cotton kit bag.

  • An simple-to-use introductory kit to help balance, defend and restore the entire eye area
  • Eye Rescue Lidstick is designed for 360 degree eyelid restoration
  • Includes our new Heated Eye Wand PRO which has four highly effective modes
  • Tackles cosmetic concerns; dryness, fine lines, darkness and restores eye area to optimal health
  • Free from ‘The Thirsty Three’ known eye irritants (alcohol, preservatives, fragrance)
  • Vegan, plant based
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • SKIN TYPE: ALL, including sensitive
    • PM: cleanse → nourish → treat

1x Heated Eye Wand™ PRO (including 1X USB Micro B charging cable and 1x *Online Exclusive* organic cotton pouch case) 
Proven to improve eye hydration after just one use. Our Heated Eye Wand™ PRO works to hydrate and rejuvenate the entire eye area in a matter of minutes using four innovative modes. Our PRO Wand has a heat-only mode - as well as the three other modes which are available in our original Wand device (heat + massage, heat + red LED light, heat + massage + red LED light). The heat-only mode works just like a hot-compress to restore eye comfort, and is clinically proven to effectively hold heat throughout use. The gentle massage mode has an added aesthetic benefit, by helping to promote drainage of excess fluid in the eye area to reduce the appearance of eye bags and puffiness. The heat mode can also be combined with a red LED light mode for fine lines on the under eyes and side of the eyes or ‘crows feet’. Red LED is a NASA-discovered therapy and is supported by over 3000 clinical studies for its ability to boost collagen and elastin in the skin to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles with regular use.
Our existing Heated Eye Wand original and Heated Eye Wand™ PRO both contain very minor amounts of nickel. This kit is available with our Nickel-Free Wand instead - you can find it on our shop page.

1x Eye Rescue Lidstick™ 
This hero product offers 360 degree care for the delicate eye skin. Using an advanced blend of Oat Ceramides to support the skin barrier, Evening Primrose Oil to improve the appearance of fine lines, Kakadu Plum (the richest natural source of Vitamin C) to visibly brighten the eye area and Borage Oil to calm and soften. New Zealand Manuka Oil completes this multi-corrective balm by offering protection against inflammation for the vulnerable eye area - all while you sleep!
Simply apply a thin layer over your eye area to help restore harmony and comfort. For ingredient list- see the product page here

1x Signature Cotton Kit Bag


1) Take out contact lenses if you are wearing them. Cleanse the eye area using our Cleansing Lash Foam or your preferred cleanser.

2) The Wand needs ‘slip’ to help it glide effectively. Twist the body of the Lidstick™ to reveal product. Apply a thin layer of the Lidstick™ product over closed eyes. It can be applied over the entire eye skin area; under eyes, sides of eyes and the upper eyelid. Do not apply to the eyelashes or too close to the lash line. Twist the body of the Lidstick™ back down to protect the remaining product.

3) Heat-up your Wand to 37-45 °C (this should take about 1 minute). Select your preferred mode of the four modes available.

4) Gently run the Wand along your lower lid (below your eyelashes) starting with the inner corner of your eye and very slowly working your way to the outer corner of your eye. The slower the better - to give the heat enough time to work. One run from the inner to outer corner should take 15 seconds. Repeat this motion for 1-2 minutes on the lower lid.

5) If you’re using the red LED light, turn this off for the upper eye lid. Repeat the process for your upper lid for a further 1-2 minutes.

6) Repeat on the other eye.

For best results, use the Lidstick and Wand every evening for 2-4 minutes per eye. Can also be used morning and evening.
*Carefully read the instructions for use in the package.


Q: How often should I use the Lidstick

The Eye Rescue Lidstick has been designed for use every day, ideally as part of your nighttime routine to be applied before bed.

Q: Can I use the Lidstick during the day

The Eye Rescue Lidstick works best overnight to allow the ingredients to take best effect. Yes you absolutely can, in fact, we have found it to be extremely effective under concealer to give your eyes a hydrated, fresh, dewy look. We have even found it to be great over makeup, to refresh it during the day. Just be aware that it has not been designed to be worn under mascara, and it could make mascara smudge.

Q: How long should my Lidstick last

The Eye Rescue Lidstick is specifically engineered to be a ‘mini’ product so that it is not used past the expiry date. Each Eye Rescue Lidstick should last between 1 – 3 months with daily use, depending on how much product is applied at a time. The expiry date is on the external box.

Q: Should I still use and eye cream or eye serum?

The Eye Rescue Lidstick can be used alongside your favourite eye cream or serum, if you have one. Most eye creams and serums should only be applied to the under eye area and sides of the eyes, unless it explicitly says it’s designed for use on the upper eyelid as well. The Eye Rescue Lidstick can be applied directly onto the eyelids and over the eye cream or serum (allow 5 minutes between applying the cream and the Eye Rescue Lidstick to give the cream/ serum time to sink in).

Q: I have sensitive eyes, can I use the Lidstick

The Eye Rescue Lidstick is incredibly gentle and has no harsh ingredients, it was designed with sensitive eyes in mind and has no known eye irritants or sensitising ingredients in it. That being said, if you have particularly sensitive eyes or skin you should patch test the Eye Rescue Lidstick before using it, if any irritation occurs, rinse immediately with cold water and discontinue use.


Please do not use if:

You are allergic to Nickel (the Wand head is made of a metal alloy that contains a small quantity of nickel) or any of the ingredients of the Lidstick
Please consult your doctor before using the Heated Eye Wand™​ if:
You are epileptic, photophobic or light sensitive (for example, as the result of taking any medications that have a side effect of photosensitivity) or suffer from light induced or electricity induced headaches.
You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
You have or have had skin cancer.
You have a pacemaker or have any metal plates or pins around your head or neck.
You have any genetic eye conditions.
You have had any eye surgery in the past 2 years.
You have had any reason to visit Hospital Eye Services for any reason (including for treatment of any eye condition or trauma to the eye).
Please wait four weeks before using the Wand after any cosmetic treatments such as injectables.


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