5 top tips for soothing tired or weary eyes

Many of us experience tired or weary eyes, but how can you best soothe them? Take a look at our top tips below (your eyes can thank us later!)


#Tip 1: Protect your tear film with preservative-free eye drops or spray

All of us could use daily eyecare, to protect our tear film, which needs more attention since it's our eye's best line of defence. A healthy tear film will largely mean happy, healthy eyes that can handle any kind of makeup.

We would recommend introducing a gentle daily preservative-free eye drop or spray - like our Instant Relief Eye Spray. These work to help fortify the tear film, especially against daily stressors and add a layer of protection against the irritation of makeup. 

Regular use of a good eye drop or spray will leave your eyes more comfortable, brighter and whiter. 


#Tip 2: Use a gentle makeup remover 

A very gentle eye makeup remover is another product to invest in. We prefer oil-based formulas for two reasons; they tend to have much more 'slip' which means less dragging of the eyelid and lashes, and they also tend to have less harsh preservatives which again are not ideal when used on a regular basis. 


#Tip 3: Consider hot or cold therapy 

Finally, consider either hot or cold therapy to help soothe your tired eyes. Heat works to help restore the natural flow of the oils. For example, it’s the preferred treatment for the main cause of dry eyes. Cold therapy, like ice globes or a cooling eye mask, can work to calm irritation and reduce the appearance of bloodshot, angry-looking eyes. 


#Tip 4: You might want to add a good supplement 

If you're the right candidate, you could also consider adding a good supplement into your daily routine which can help with building up the quality of the tears and reducing discomfort. A very good quality Omega 3 supplement can go a long way to helping with tired eyes. 


#Tip 5: Visit your local optometrist

Make sure you go see your regular, local optometrist and that they check the front of your eye (the 'anterior eye'), which is usually done with a slit lamp. 

Getting a proper understanding of the cause of your irritation is so important in helping manage it. For example, is it just allergies, is it a specific type of allergy, is it dry eyes or is it something else that actually could be treated then and there?



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