Symptoms of irritated eyes that you shouldn’t ignore

An itchy or gritty feeling is often put down to normal irritation but can be a sign of something more sinister - especially for a contact lens wearer. 

Sensitivity to light might be annoying and overlooked, but can often be a giveaway to something much worse going on. In the worst case, it could be a sign of a bad reaction to medication or something going on with the cornea, the front window of the eye or even with the brain. 

Over watering of the eyes, especially in windy or bright conditions or when cooking, is a very common and often overlooked symptom that is a sign of something more damaging usually going on - often dry eyes. 

You really want to get to the bottom of your runny eyes or itchiness - is it an allergy, dry eyes or something more serious?  Have a check-up with your regular optometrist, rule out anything very serious and take steps to address the root cause of the problem (be it eye treatments like eye drops or in-practice treatments). 




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