3 little-known tips got extending the life of lash lift or lash extensions!

  1. A little-known tip that I tell my patients is that if they have any LED device at home - such as an LED facemask or our Heated Eye Wand PRO (which has an LED light) - it's a great idea to use it after cleansing.
All devices differ, so make sure yours is one that can be used safely without the need for goggles. Red LED has been shown to have some anti-bacterial effects and is a great way to give your new lashes some extra protection in a way that won't disrupt the extensions or lash lift. 

  1. Try a gentle, daily preservative-free lubricating drop or spray 

As your eyes are extra vulnerable after any kind of lash treatment which tends to disrupt the natural balance of the eyes, it's a good idea to try fortify your tear film to compensate. Using a gentle preservative-free lubricating eye drop or spray - like our Instant Relief Eye Spray (which is super simple - made with sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid's harder-working sister) and wild-harvested sea buckthorn and is safe for use over lash extensions and lash lifts and is used by many lash technicians) will help to keep your eyes happy and healthy throughout the day. It is really important that it is preservative-free as regular use of preservatives in eye drops or sprays can cause dry eyes and the preservatives could also disrupt the lash glue. 

  1. Try not to rub your eyes! Try this instead

Rubbing your eyes is a vicious cycle after lash-extensions or lash-lifts - as you rub, more irritating particles can land on your eye surface making the itch or irritation worse rather than better. You could also end up with an eyelash in your eye which will cause irritation and possibly even a scratch on your cornea (the transparent window of your eye). If you do feel the need to rub - first try to blink, blink, blink to get your natural tears to flush it out. If that doesn't work the best thing to do is to look up and then very gently pull your top lid over your bottom lid - this is a natural way to try capture the irritant and get it out. If you're still struggling - try flush it out by either using saline water if you have it on hand (it's always a good product to keep in the house!) or using preservative-free eye drops or sprays. If you absolutely have to rub your eyes - only ever rub over the side of your eye - not the middle, so that if you do cause a scratch it's only on the white sclera of the eye - not the cornea!

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