Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads (Reusable Cotton Rounds)

Our incredibly soft and gentle pads were designed specifically for use on the delicate eye area - to help you prevent any tugging or rubbing, which can cause fine lines and darkness. 

Made from organic 100% natural bamboo (60%) and cotton (40%) they can be washed and reused for over a year before needing to be replace (kind to your eyes, your wallet and our planet). 

They are not only reusable, but also 100% biodegradable, fragrance and chemical free. 

This pack of 8 double sided pads (one for each day of the week + one extra) comes with a dedicated mesh laundry bag. Make sure you pop in them in their mesh laundry bag before putting them in your light coloured clothes wash. 

For best results, use them with our Soothing Coconut Eye Balm for a super gentle and effective eye makeup remover that protects, nourishes and soothes your entire eye area (and eyelashes). 

Includes: 8x pads measuring 6cm in diameter (the exact size of a cotton round), 1x mesh laundry bag (15cm x 8 cm). 


    To clean, place your pads in their mesh laundry bag (pull the draw strings to close the bag) and wash them in the washing machine with your light coloured clothes on a warm wash (up to 40°C, 104°F) with a gentle detergent. Leave the pads to dry naturally.

    Do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing your pads.