Hydrating Portable Humidifier

The perfect addition to your bedside table, home office or back-to-work desk; our beautiful bottle-shaped humidifier is designed to help keep your eyes hydrated whether they’re open or closed!

As with all Peep Club products; our portable humidifier has dual treatment and treat functions. The gentle mist, works to replace moisture in the air around your bed or workspace; this helps your eyes stay hydrated in-between blinks and combats the drying conditions of modern homes and work places (central heating, air conditioning and screens). Many of us also don’t fully close our eyes especially during sleep, waking up with that dry, gritty, itchy feeling – our humidifier can help keep the exposed eye surface hydrated overnight. But the benefits also extend to your skin, which will be better moisturised, plumped and glowing as a result!

Unlike bulky traditional humidifiers, the 300ml ultrasonic portable humidifier is specifically developed to be portable so that it can be easily moved and used wherever you need it – just as light as a reusable water bottle, which inspired the design. The discrete shape means you can keep it nearby even in an office setting (and it’s super quiet – the only giveaway is a soft whisper of mist). Simply fill up the base with water (we recommend purified water if you can) and set it next to you wherever and whenever you find your eyes or skin are at their driest. One click of the ‘on’ button and you’re all set. The portable humidifier can be charged using the USB charger cable which comes with it. 

The humidifier also has a handy nightlight that can be turned on or off as desired. It comes with a USB Type C cable charger that is compatible with a USB plug from your geographic region. Empty it weighs 285g and has capacity for up to 300ml of water. 

The humidifier comes with two cotton swabs which should last 3 months and the second set is included to last a further 3 months (6 months total). After that, please contact us for replacement swabs and we will send out for just the cost of shipping!