How does a Humidifier help with Dry Eyes?

Some dry eye treatments are accepted in the mainstream (hot compress relief for MGD and of course, eye sprays or eye drops) however, at Peep Club we like to seek out all the available management solutions, especially those that are more innovative. That is how we came to develop our Hydrating Portable Humidifier.


There is a growing body of evidence that humidifiers can help to relieve dry eyes in certain types of dry eye sufferers – specifically, those whose dry eyes are affected by their environment. Those who will most benefit from incorporating a humidifier are; anyone who uses screens for long periods of the day, spends time in air conditioned or centrally heated environments and/or anyone who does not fully close their eyes fully when they sleep.


The way that the humidifier can help those with dry eyes is by creating a more hydrated environment around the eyes so that while they are open the air they are exposed to is more full of moisture. Most houses and work environments do not achieve the optimum level of humidity (40-60%) for eyes to be at their most comfortable. The humidifier can help reach this level to prevent dry eyes becoming worse during the day or night.


One important thing to note is that it is unlikely that a humidifier alone will resolve dry eyes, but it can prevent them from becoming worse over the course of the day (for screen users) or over the course of the night (for those who don’t fully close their eyes at night). Think of the humidifier as an extra tool in your dry eye tool kit to keep your eyes as stable and well managed as possible and help prevent any particularly bad flare ups.


All our research has also indicated that the best way to use a humidifier is to keep it as near to you as possible, that is why we designed our Hydrating Portable Humidifier to be as discrete as possible and easy to move between a bedside table and desk.



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