All-You-Need Tired Eyes Kit

How to include in your routine

cleanse → nourish → treat

cleanse → nourish → treat

Suitable for all skintypes, including sensitive
(not suitable for those with nickel allergies)

When you want to nourish and treat the whole eye area, this multi-action kit has everything you need to visibly soften, hydrate and restore tired eyes to their full sparkle and... Read more


    • Everything you need to ‘nourish’ and ‘treat’ your eyes in one kit
    • Quick, convenient and highly effective
    • Refreshing, long lasting hydration for the whole eye area
    • Targets BOTH eye comfort and hydration AND improves the skin quality around the eyes
    • Deeply nourishing and conditioning
    • Balm is packed with Vitamin E and Lauric Acid - it naturally adds luster and noticeably fortifies eyelashes with regular use
    • Spray is formulated with wild-harvest Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate
    • Free from ‘The Thirsty Three’ known eye irritants (alcohol, preservatives, fragrance)
    • Free from wax, which can clog the glands around the eyes and is in most traditional eye balms
    • Vegan
    • SKIN TYPE: ALL, including sensitive