Hydrating Portable Humidifier

The perfect addition to your bedside table or office desk, our beautiful bottle-shaped humidifier is designed to help keep your eyes hydrated, day and night.
As with all Peep Club products, our portable humidifier has dual eye and skincare functions. The gentle mist replaces moisture in the air, helping your eyes to stay hydrated in-between blinks and combating the drying conditions of modern homes and workplaces (central heating, air conditioning and screens). Many of us don’t fully close our eyes during sleep and wake up with that dry, gritty, itchy feeling. Our humidifier can help keep the exposed eye surface hydrated overnight.
But the benefits also extend to your skin, which will feel better moisturised, plumped and glowing as a result.

Unlike bulky traditional humidifiers, our 300ml ultrasonic portable humidifier is developed to be discrete and portable so that it can be moved and used wherever you need it. It’s about the same size as a reusable bottle of water and just as light (285g empty)! It is super quiet, the only giveaway is a soft whisper of mist, so you can keep it nearby in an office setting. It also comes with a night light that can be used to illuminate your bedside.

Simply fill up the base with water (we recommend purified water) and set it next to you wherever and whenever you find your eyes or skin are at their driest. One click of the ‘on’ button and you’re ready to revive.

  • Portable
  • Discrete (the same size as a water bottle), very quiet
  • Beautiful design that looks like a reusable water bottle
  • Targets BOTH eye hydration AND skin quality
  • SKIN TYPE: ALL, including sensitive
    • AM: cleanse → nourish →treat
    • PM: cleanse → nourish →treat

1X USB Type C charging cable:just plug it into any USB port or plug to charge your humidifier . As the USB cable is compatible with a USB plug from any region, it’s universal and can be used worldwide. For best performance, we recommend charging the humidifier everyday and using it at full battery.

2x pair of cotton swabs: the humidifier comes with two pairs of cotton swabs, which should last three months each (six months in total). We want you to keep your humidifier squeaky clean, so we offer free replacement cotton swabs which can be ordered via our website - you’ll just need to pay for shipping!


1) Fill the tank with 300ml water (ideally purified, distilled water). 

2) Place the humidifier within arms length, for example, on your desk during the day or on your bedside table at night.

3) Choose your mist setting (dual-mist setting lasts 3 hours, single-mist setting lasts 6 hours). Turn the light feature on if needed. 

*Carefully read the instructions for use in the package.



How long should I use my Hydrating Portable Humidifier for?

We recommend using your Hydrating Portable Humidifier for 3-6 hours daily. 

How often should I use my Hydrating Portable Humidifier?

We recommend using your Hydrating Portable Humidifier every day or night (either on dual-mist mode for three  hours at a time, or single-mist mode for six hours at a time).

How do I clean my Hydrating Portable Humidifier?

We recommend you clean your Hydrating Portable Humidifier after every use. Once you’ve turned your device off, add a little anti-bacterial soap and rinse out the base of the humidifier. Rinse thoroughly. Or use alcohol wipes. We recommend replacing the cotton swabs every three months for optimum hygiene - these can be ordered for free via our website as you need them.



**** (4 out of 5 stars)


  • Reusable for at least two years
  • Box and internal packaging can all be recycled (ideally, please sort into plastic and cardboard)
  • The humidifier body itself can be recycled except for the battery
  • USB charger can be reused for similar devices



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