Why are face wipes bad for my eyes?

The government is set to ban wet wipes, which is a great thing for the environment. But it might also spark a change in some people’s beauty routines. Here’s our take on why we think they’re best avoided. 

Face wipes are in fact the worst choice for two reasons. Firstly, they use highly stripping ingredients to make them effective at removing makeup. Some of the most common ingredients used in face wipes are alcohol, fragrance and harsh preservatives – creating a cocktail that is very harsh and dehydrating. 

Secondly, they tend to be very rough and require a lot of rubbing of the face and, worse, the eyes which in itself can cause irritation and even long term damage (such as contributing to dark circles) if used regularly.  

The beauty industry is full of single-use products like wipes – especially for use around the eye area. Many of the wipes come in individual single-use packaging which is even worse for the environment. It’s something we’ve stood against since we were founded – and chose instead to launch with our Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads, even though at the time this was extremely controversial. 



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