Master Your Sleep: 5 Insider Tips from an Ex-Insomniac

Author Hayley Dawes, Founder Dreem Distillery

The benefits of a great night’s sleep are well documented - it re-energises brain cells, repairs our skin, increases productivity and mood and strengthens every major system in our body - it’s thought thataround 20 million people in the UK suffer from sleep issues, including sleep deprivation and insomnia. 

As the Founder of Dreem Distillery, I know all too well what a bad night’s sleep used to feel liketossing and turning in bed, desperately seeking solace in the embrace of sleep. I launched Dreem Distillery three years ago having a found a solution to aid my endless nights of insomnia and would love to share with you my top tips for a better night’s sleep.

I have read every sleep book out there relating to sleep and tried every hack. Here are my favourite tips for deep slumber that really do work:


1. Establish a consistent sleep schedule:  

One of the most effective ways to improve sleep quality is to maintain a consistent sleep schedule.  Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day helps regulate your body’s internal clock, making it easier to fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.  As Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist and sleep expert, advises:  

“Consistency is key when it comes to sleep. Aim to stick to your sleep schedule even on weekends.”


2. Create a relaxing bedtime routine

Engaging in calming activities before bedtime can signal to your body that it’s time to wind down and prepare for sleep.  Matthew Walker, a renowned sleep scientist and author or “Why we Sleep”, suggests incorporating relaxation techniques such as reading, gentle stretching or practising mindfulness meditation.  

“A relaxing bedtime routine can help cue your body and mind for sleep,” says Walker.  I really enjoyed reading Matthew’s book which contains many golden sleep nuggets.


3. Optimise your sleep environment


Make your bedroom a sleep-friendly environment by keeping it cool, dark and quiet. In addition, light plays a very important part in a good night’s sleep. Darkness at night is as important as sunlight & bright light during the morning & daytime for mental and physical health.  Dimming lights for the 1-2hrs prior to sleep really enhances longer natural melatonin production in your sleep. This has multiple health benefits.


4. A warm, relaxing Dreem bath


You may not know that there is now scientific evidence to show that immersing yourself in warm water really can play a part in sending you off to slumber.

Having a warm bath might sound counterproductive however the body gets warmer when immersed in warm water and in doing so brings a large amount of blood to the surface. When you get out, the excess heat is released into the atmosphere, cooling you down and triggering your body temperature to drop. This then gives a cue to your circadian rhythm (the internal body clock that controls your sleep/wake cycle) that it’s time to sleep. In addition, a warm bath also signals the pineal gland in our brain to produce melatonin – the sleep hormone – which also aids a smoother sleep pattern.

There is nothing I love more than a warm, relaxing bath.  This is the ultimateme time!  I use either ourInto the Deep therapeutic bath oil which is hand-crafted with sedating botanicals and is the perfect elixir for skin and senses.  Or I use ourThe Z’s anchoring bath soak with broad-spectrum CBD, epsom and Himalayan salts to promote a deep sense of relaxation.  


5. Natural Sleep Aids

For those struggling with sleep, natural sleep aids like our best sellingDreem Distillery Night Drops can provide support -  I have taken these every single night for the last three years and have never slept better.  Formulated with broad-spectrum CBD and calming plant terpenes, Night Drops are designed to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.  Once I have taken our Night Drops, I use thePeep Club eye wand as I suffer from dry eyes – it not only alleviates my dry eyes but has become part of my wind down evening ritual.

Remember, better sleep is within reach with the right strategies and support.  ExploreDreem Distillery’s Night Drops and other key products to enhance your sleep experience.

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