How to choose the best dry eye drops for my eyes 

There are plenty of good lubricating eye drops and sprays that provide comfort and relief to dry eyes. But bear in mind that drops and sprays won't tackle the underlying causes of dry eyes, they’ll just offer good management of the symptoms. 

When looking for an eye drop or spray you absolutely must make sure they say 'preservative-free'. The front surface of the eye is very vulnerable to the action of preservatives and they can make dry eyes worse if used regularly. Despite this being well established within the eyecare community, many products still contain preservatives.’

The ingredients that will be the most effective are humectants which add moisture to the eye - essentially doing what the middle layer of the tear film does (adding moisture to the eye). The most common ingredients are glycerin, and hyaluronic acid/ sodium hyaluronate. 

The best eye drops or sprays will have both a humectant and an occlusive ingredient, essentially doing what the middle layer AND the top layer of the tear film do by adding moisture to the eye and locking it in with a barrier layer too. This is what our Instant Relief Eye Spray does by using sodium hyaluronate to add moisture and Seabuckthorn Oil which is rich in Omega fatty acids to lock that moisture in.

The two most exciting ingredients in dry eye treatment are Seabuckthorn, a potent antioxidant berry, and Manuka Honey - both have been found to be effective in tackling dry eye when used in eye drops or sprays. 




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