8 lifestyle tips to look bright-eyed in the morning

Tip #1: Make the most of your sleep 

Ideally, from a purely cosmetic perspective, you want to sleep on your back to prevent asymmetry and the creation of fine lines from pillow creases. 

In addition to this, try to elevate your head slightly. This will help encourage the drainage of fluid from the face and reduce 'puffiness' from lack of sleep. For example, after facial surgery like rhinoplasty, patients are often encouraged to sleep in this way to help reduce swelling. 


Tip #2: When you wake up, apply a cool compress around the face

This could be something as simple as a cold flannel or something more sophisticated like an ice roller. The cool compress will help calm the dilated blood vessels to reduce the bloodshot look of the eyes and lessen dark circles.


Tip #3: To soothe away red eyes try a gentle, preservative-free lubricating eye drop or spray like the Peep Club Instant Relief Eye Spray

Not only will it refresh your eyes to help you feel more awake, but it will also noticeably reduce redness in a safe and gentle way. Stay clear of whitening drops, which might be a quick fix but can have long-term damaging consequences if they're overused. 


Tip #4: Try replenishing the hydration in your skin as soon as you can after sleep

This will compensate for the hydration lost due to your incomplete sleep. Keep a humidifier bedside your bed if you can to accelerate the hydration process (such as Peep Club's Hydrating Portable Humidifier, specially designed for overnight use). 

Kick off the day with a tall glass of water. And prioritise highly moisturising and hydrating products first thing in your routine - ideally layering them to help gently restore the bounce to the skin. 


Tip #5: Kickstart the day with some exercise

This will get the blood flowing and restore oxygenation throughout the face and body. Any kind of exercise that gets the blood pumping for a good 15-20 minutes will be enough to help give a boost of oxygen to the cells that could use it after a sleep-deprived night.  


Tip #6: When it comes to makeup, use the tried and tested technique of colour correcting

A concealer with yellow, peach or green undertones can go a long way when it comes to hiding discolouration around the eyes. Draw attention away from the eyes completely by choosing a bold pink or red lip - a classic technique for hiding a night of poor sleep. 




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