5 Easy Steps to Thicker, Shinier, Healthier Eyelashes

We often get asked about the secret to longer, more luscious eye lashes – our inbox is filled with questions like; “do you have any tips to help naturally grow my lashes”, “what can I do to help improve the thickness and health of my eyelashes”, “is there a safe way to strengthen or grow my eyelashes”? Below we have shared 5 of our top tips for how to help boost your lashes :

  • Choose a mascara that has conditioning properties: look for ingredients like lipids, peptides, collagen. Avoid waterproof formulas as these can be hard to remove and consider trying a tubing mascara instead (which will be non-smudge). 
  • Keep them clean and NEVER sleep in eye makeup
  • Use a very gentle eye makeup remover - ideally a cream or balm based one that uses oil as the remover rather than alcohol (check the ingredients for alcohol - it's in more liquid eye makeup removers than you would think!)
  • Apply a very thin layer of eye lash conditioner overnight; this can be as simple as coconut oil (like our soothing coconut eye balm) or caster oil (both are very high in Vitamin E which is a ideal for lash conditioning) but there are some other good conditioners on the market. It is REALLY important to only use the tiniest amount of product otherwise it can cause your eyes to be blurry. 
  • Try include more Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet (this can be in the form of fatty fish like mackerel, nuts like walnuts and seeds like chia or flax) - this will help boost the overall lustre and growth of your eyelashes


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