4 tips for reducing the appearance of under-eye wrinkles 

We can’t do much to stop the appearance of under-eye wrinkles entirely. But, what are some ways to reduce them when they arrive? Take a look at our finest tips below.


#Tip 1:  Hydrate!

Hydrate inside (top up on water daily) and outside (with hydrating products like hyaluronic acid). Dehydrated skin reveals fine lines. 


#Tip 2: Consider facials that specifically target wrinkles around the eyes

Consider facials that use Red LED light (like in our Peep Club Heated Eye Wand). When applied carefully to the fine lines around the eyes, this can help boost the collagen and elastin to approve the appearance of fine lines. 

In-practice treatments such as LED facials or radiofrequency can also work on this - some of the newer machines are working wonders on the eye area. 


3) Use targeted eye creams on a daily basis

There are three types of eye creams to use in rotation to tackle under-eye wrinkles; a retinoid-based one for rejuvenation at night, a humectant-based one for hydration morning and night and a barrier-protector for defence during the day. And of course, SPF should be applied daily as well. 

For under-eye wrinkles specifically, look for retinoid-based eye creams. Retinoids encourage cell turnover and in so doing boost collagen, which can improve the appearance of the skin. The key is to only apply retinoid-based eye creams to the under-eye area and sides of the eyes and not the eyelids themselves, as retinoids can contribute to dry eyes. 

Alongside a good retinoid-based eye cream, look for a lightweight hydrating eye cream to help plump the area (and offset any dryness created by the retinoid). Hydrating, humectant ingredients like hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin are great for creating that juicy skin around the eye.

Look for a formula that combines humectants and occlusive ingredients to trap that moisture onto the skin. Light occlusive ingredients like vitamin E can help protect the skin barrier during the day. 


Tip #4: Consider a diet for rejuvenating under-eye wrinkles

Diet can absolutely have an impact on the development and acceleration of wrinkles. A diet rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods (like a Mediterranean diet full of vegetables) can improve the skin's texture, elasticity and help restore damage. 

Whereas a diet of processed and sugary foods has been found to accelerate signs of ageing, including the development of wrinkles. Other lifestyle factors can also make a difference, for example, smoking has been found to damage collagen and elastin fibres, and is also very harmful to overall eye health.



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