1 X Single Replacement Cotton Swab for Hydrating Portable Humidifier

NB There is 1 cotton swab in this replacement set so please remember to select 2 when checking out.

If you’re already using your Hydrating Portable Humidifier, this set of replacement cotton swabs can be used to keep it running optimally.  We recommend replacing the 2 cotton swabs in the humidifier every 3 months (sooner if you notice that the humidifier needs a ‘spring clean’!).

As a reminder, please remember to soak the cotton pads in a glass of cool, clean water for 60 seconds so that they become fully saturated before replacing them in the humidifier. This will allow the spray to flow smoothly and mean you can instantly use the humidifier without delay or problem. Please see the instruction leaflet included with your humidifier for further instruction or drop us an email at hello@peepclub.co.uk and we would be happy to email you the details.

As always, we want you to happily use Peep Club products for their full lifetime – which is why we have made these swabs free to purchase, simply add them to your cart and you will not be charged for them at check-out. For orders under £10.00 we do ask you to pay the cost of shipping.