Cleansing Lash Kit

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Our wonderful Cleansing Lash Foam is designed to gently but effectively clean and protect your eyelids and eyelashes. 

Introducing the newest addition to our kit collection.... our Cleansing Lash Kit. This kit has previously only been available via the Optometrists, Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic surgeons we work with. It brings together our Cleansing Lash Foam and our Eye Wand for an all-round eyelash, eyelid and eye area cleanse (all in cute kit bag). 

It includes:

  • 1x Cleansing Lash Foam

The foam brings together three powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients; tea-tree extract, liquorice-root extract and mushroom extract in a fresh formula. The formula is designed to not only clean off eye makeup (including stubborn waterproof mascara or eyeliner) but to leave your eyelashes squeaky clean, protected and strong. 

It is safe for use with eye lash extensions (as it doesn't contain oil). 

As with all our products, our Cleansing Lash foam is gentle but highly effective and made from the highest quality ingredients. 

  • 1x Peep Club Eye Wand 

After cleansing your lashes, turn on your Heated Eye Wand and allow it to heat up for 60 seconds. Apply your favourite eye cream or a small pea-sized amount of our Peep Club Soothing Coconut Eye Balm (to give your Eye Wand some 'slip). This light-weight wand has 3 settings; hot compress (you can set it from 37 to 42C), massage and LED red light therapy. Slowly run your Heated Eye Wand close to your eyelash line to relieve any blocked Meibomian Glands (a leading cause of dry or tired Eyes). You can also use your Heated Eye Wand around your lower and upper eye lid (even right up to your brow bone) to de-puff, and reduce water retention by promoting lymphatic drainage. The red LED light can also help to boost collagen and elastin around the entire eye area.  (+USB Charging Cable)

  • 1x Reusable kit bag

Our Cleansing Lash Foam is organic, alcohol-free, artificial fragrance-free, fair-trade certified and vegan.


    1) Start your regime with one pump of the Cleansing Lash Foam. You can either apply the foam directly to closed eyes or first to a cotton pad (or one of our Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads). Gently rub the foam into your eye lashes to help loosen any makeup, dirt or debris. Rinse it off with warm water. The foam must be rinsed off.

    2) Apply a pea sized amount of your favourite eye cream (or our Soothing Coconut Eye Balm). 

    3) Heat-up your wand to 37-42 C (this should take about 1 minute).

    4) Gently run the wand under your lower lash-line, starting with the inner corner of your eye and slowly working your way to the outer corner of your eye. Repeat this motion for 60 seconds (please do not use on any area for more than 60 seconds). Work slowly to give the heat enough time to work on each section. 

    5) Repeat the process for your upper lid (we advise turning the red LED light off when the wand is being used on your upper lid).

    6) Repeat on the other eye.

    For best results, use morning and evening.  


    Please do not use if:

    You are allergic to Nickel (the wand head is made of a metal alloy that contains a small quantity of Nickel). 

    Please consult your doctor before using the wand daily if you are:

    Epileptic, photophobic or light sensitive


    Have had skin cancer in the last 12 months

    Please wait 2 weeks before using the wand after any cosmetic treatments

    Please do not use the Cleansing Lash Foam if you are allergic to any of the other ingredients. Please patch test the cleansing foam on your wrist before use.