Should I use a separate eye makeup remover when cleansing?

You should absolutely use a separate eye makeup remover when cleansing. 

The eyes are such a sensitive and delicate area – the skin around the eyes is 4-6x thinner than the rest of the face and needs very gentle, high-slip formulas to avoid accelerating the formation of fine lines or dark circles. 

You also have to think about the surface of the eye which is extremely vulnerable as it doesn’t have the same protective barrier as the rest of the skin on the face. Therefore, to prevent sensitivity, you really want to avoid fragrance and alcohol especially, which are very common in many cleansers.

A gentle, simple oil-based eye makeup remover is the best option. It has a lot of slip to help prevent rubbing, it will effectively remove makeup without the use of harsh ingredients, and often it has bonus benefits for the eyelashes. But the real key is to only use the tiniest amount – too much will get into the eyes and cause blurring. 



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