How do Dry Eye Sprays work?

A question we get a lot is how does our Instant Relief Eye Spray work to help with dry eyes.

While an eye drop is applied directly in the eye, the spray is applied over closed eye lids (from about 10cm away) – so it is a mystery as to how it gets to work on the eye itself.

In fact, they work in a simple yet genius way: the spray liquid gets into your eye by collecting around the eyelashes so that when you blink it can spread across the eye. The spray helps strengthen the water and oil layers of your natural tears to improve the quality, helping relieve the dry eye symptoms. Some clinical studies have actually found that sprays are more effective at building up the tears than eye drops and have a better performance on dry eye metrics such as Tear Break-Up Time (TBUT) which is a measure of how quickly the tears breakdown on the eye.

There are many other benefits of the spray application rather than drops including; 1) A preservative-free formula which is much more gentle to eyes – meaning that you can use the spray throughout the day to keep your eyes refreshed, 2) Our spray is equally good for your delicate eye skin – in fact, Sea Buckthorn and Sodium Hyaluronate (the two active ingredients of our Instant Relief Eye Spray) are found in many moisturising skin care and eye care products specifically because of their proven ability to plump and hydrate the skin, 3) They are super convenient and can be used throughout the day especially by those who find traditional eye drops intimidating or difficult to use.





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