LED lash treatment: safe or harmful?

The main selling point of the LED eyelash extension treatment is it reduces the fumes of traditional lash extension adhesives, which many people become allergic to over time. But often those allergies are themselves important signals that your eyes need to take a necessary break from extensions. 

The LED lashes still use glue - which means you should still take the same breaks that you would anyway with traditional extensions. 

Does the LED lash treatment emit UV light? 

It’s unclear whether these LED lights also emit UV light since there is very little information available on the details of the technology. For example, red LED face masks don't emit UV light (most red LED masks are around 630 nm which is in the visible light spectrum only and closer to the wavelength of the light emitted from your smartphone). Even then, most now come with eye shields or are advised not to be used directly on the eyelids. 

Gel manicure lamps typically use mixed blue LED and UVA light or UVA light only as the main method of drying the polish. Tanning beds use a combination of UVA and UVB light to achieve a tan (again, you have to wear eye shields in a tanning bed).


Would it be an issue if the LED lash treatment used UV light?

If the LED lash treatment does use UV light, like that used for gel manicures of any kind or even blue LED light, it would certainly be a cause for concern. 

UV light is incredibly damaging to the eye. Even with eyes closed, there is a risk of mutating the skin cells on the delicate eyelid. Research published this year by the University of San Diego found that even one session of using a UV lamp for just 20 minutes to dry a gel manicure caused 20-30% cell death. 

Your eyelids alone are not enough to stop UV light rays - that's why you're always told never to look at the sun, even with your eyes closed! This means that any UV exposure to the eyes, even if they're closed, could cause irreversible damage to the front, middle and back of the eye. 

Many sight-threatening eye diseases are linked with UV exposure, cataracts (a clouding of the middle 'window' of the eye; the lens), as well as macular degeneration (which is irreversible). 

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