How can I soothe my sore eyes after swimming? 

The best thing to do right after a swim is to wash your hands with soap and clean water straight away. If that's not available then a good biodegradable wet wipe will help - this is especially important for children who will often rub their eyes a lot after coming out of the pool or sea. 

After that, whether in a pool or in a wild setting, wash out your eyes with a preservative-free eye wash or saline solution or even a preservative-free eye spray like our Instant Relief Eye Spray ( a very useful item to carry especially when on holiday!) A small bottle can go a long way and you'll find yourself using it more than you imagined. 

Try not to rub the eyes at all - and look to bring down any irritation with a cool compress. Try to avoid heat (like hot showers) right after coming out of the pool or sea as the heat will further dilate the blood vessels and increase the reaction. 




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