Peep Club is built around the innovative Eye Wand. A device unlike any other dry eye solution on the market! Here is how the technology works:


The first recommended step in treating Dry Eyes is heating the many tiny glands (called Miebomian Glands) that line your upper and lower lash lines. These glands are essential to your eye health but can get blocked for a number of reasons (have a look at our blog to understand this better). Heat loosens the healthy oils in these glands so that they can lock in your tears to keep your eyes hydrated and refreshed, longer. 

Published research shows that the optimum temperature to help unblock these glands is 40 - 42C. Our Peep Club Eye Wand can reach a temperature of up to 45C in under 60 seconds. But, the major advantage of the wand is that it stays at this temperature throughout use! Published clinical studies (using a randomized control trial) show that even the best hot compress eye mask on the market drops to a temperature of 37C within 1 minute of use. Our Peep Club Eye Wand stays at a constant temperature - allowing for a highly effective treatment. 




Gently vibrating at a frequency of 10,000 pulses a minute, our Eye Wand effectively stimulates the Meibomian Gland (which is the secret to combatting dry eyes). The second recommended step in treating Dry Eyes is to gently massage the glands once they've been treated by heat (and the oil has been loosened). Eye Doctors will tell you that effectively massaging these tiny glands (especially your upper eye lid - where the majority of your Meibomian Glands are) without professional help is a near-impossible task! Our Eye Wand is designed to help make this easier by doing the massage for you.

As a bonus, this vibration also helps with Lymphatic Drainage to help reduce fluid retention that can build up around your eye area. This gentle massage helps to de-puff under and upper eye lids to help your eyes appear bigger and brighter. It also improves circulation to stimulate the muscles and oxygen flow around the eye



LED light 

LED (light therapy) was first developed by NASA for treating conditions on the surface of the skin - since then, it has been adopted by the cosmetics industry. Red LED light is known to promote collagen and elastin production, to help plump and firm up your eye area. 


The Wand doesn't require a microwave to be warmed, so can be used any time anywhere. It also comes with a USB charger so no need for batteries. One charge lasts about a month.