Why do my eyes water all the time?

Watery eyes is one of the most frustrating symptoms for any patient – even impacting quality of life. Patient’s with watery eyes often complain of having to carry tissues around with them, being unable to wear makeup, suffering from very dry under eyes as a result of the excessive tears, blurred vision and even constantly getting asked if they’re crying.

Ironically, one of the symptoms of Dry Eyes can be watering – as the eyes fill with excess tears in an effort to rehydrate the parched ocular surface. Watering can also be a symptom of allergies and are associated with hay fever and sensitivity. 

One of the major reasons for the over watering is that your eyes are being irritated. In the case of allergies, the irritation is a pollen or allergen causing your eyes to tear in an effort to flush it out. In the case of Dry Eyes, your eyes may be irritated by an imbalance in another layer of the tear film (the mucin or lipid layer). As your eyes can be extra sensitive with Dry Eyes, the watering may also be because of irritants (such as a fragrance) that has been interpreted as a toxin, causing the eyes to overproduce tears. 

The simple solutions for those with watery eyes;

  • Fix the underlying cause – for example, treat the Dry Eyes at the root
  • Eye drops and/ or supplements (such as omega 3s) may also be prescribed by your Eye Doctor to help restore the balance in your tear film – which may be causing the overwatering
  • Watch out for your environment; specifically try as best as possible to sit away from air conditioning or central heating sources
  • Avoid any known eye irritants (this is why all our products are free from fragrance)
  • Avoid any harsh chemicals or alcohols near your eye (these are often found in eye makeup, setting sprays or eye makeup removers)
  • Use a gentle, simple, nourishing cream for your eye area to keep the skin around it supple and prevent it drying out

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