5 tips for choosing sunglasses with the most protection

  1. Look for a sticker (usually on one of the lenses) that says UV400 – this is the lens equivalent to SPF 50 and will mean the glasses are offering your eyes the best possible protection from UVA, UVB and UVC wavelengths of sunlight.
  2. Tint is for comfort – it is a myth that the darker the lens, the more UV protection it has! The colour of the lenses (whether they’re darker or lighter) doesn’t affect how well the lenses block the rays of the sun – but it can affect the comfort of your eyes when you’re wearing them. Think about what you’ll be wearing the sunglasses for. Cycling think amber or rose, brown or amber is great for tennis or golf, and grey is ideal for water. BUT remember that darker tint sunglasses are unsafe to wear while driving, especially at night time. 
  3. If you’re going to be wearing the sunglasses around water, roads, snow (swimming/ fishing, cycling or skiing) or any reflective surfaces – opt for Polarised lenses: this is an extra coating on the lens that is specifically designed to block reflected rays – protecting your eyes and making it more comfortable to see. 
  4. Mirrored lenses are also a good option if you’re going to be around reflective surfaces like water, roads or snow. 
  5. The bigger the better – when it comes to sunglasses, bigger frame shapes will offer your eyes and your eye area (the delicate skin around the eyes) much more protection. Especially since the eyes are often forgotten when it comes to suncream application – although we really recommend applying sun cream to your entire eye area.

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