PRO Revitalised Eyes Kit

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An all-round eye care kit designed to revitalise and restore your peepers to optimum comfort, health and vitality. This kit includes two of our best selling products, packaged in a beautiful bag. Kit includes:

  • Heated Eye Wand PRO (+ Charger)

Our PRO wand, is the upgraded version of our Heated Eye Wand™.

The Heated Eye Wand PRO brings together four modes to address not only eye comfort but also to recondition the delicate skin around the eyes. Set the temperature of the wand to your preference (between 37C and 45C) and then choose one of the four modes. The heat-only mode works just like a hot-compress, and is clinically proven to effectively hold heat throughout use. The gentle massage mode has an added aesthetic benefit, by helping to promote lymphatic drainage of excess fluid in the eye area to reduce the appearance of eye bags. The heat mode can also be combined with a red LED light mode for the fine skin of the under eyes and side of the eyes or ‘crows feet’. Red LED is a NASA-discovered therapy and is supported by over 3000 clinical studies for its ability to boost collagen and elastin in the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use.

Four modes to perfectly restore the eyes from the inside and the outside.

  • Instant Relief Eye Spray (17ml, 0.25 oz)

Clinically proven to instantly relieve dry eye symptoms after a single use (including, redness, irritation, itchiness, a gritty sensation or a heavy, tired feeling caused by dry eyes).

One or two spritz’ per eye first thing in the morning is exactly what you need to liven and prepare your eyes for the day ahead. Made with wild-harvested Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate, it provides lasting hydration throughput the day. It is gentle enough to be used multiple times daily, and is contact lens safe and make-up friendly. As with all our products, the spray works on both the eye itself – by helping fortify your tears – and the surrounding delicate eye skin – by helping moisturise and plump the area. With just one spray – you have both an ocular lubricant and an eye serum.



1) Gently pat a pea-sized amount of Eye Cream or our Soothing Coconut Eye Balm around your eye area using a clean finger (this will not only nourish your eye area and protect your lashes but also give the wand some extra slip for a better experience). The spray can also be used to give some slip!
2) Heat-up your wand to 37 - 45 C (this should take about 1 minute).
3) Gently run the wand under your lower lash-line, starting with the inner corner of your eye and slowly working your way to the outer corner of your eye. Repeat this motion for 60 seconds (please do not use on any area for longer than 60 seconds). Work slowly to give the heat enough time to work on each section. 
4) Repeat the process for your upper lid (we advise turning the red LED light off when the wand is being used on your upper lid).
5) Repeat on the other eye.
For best results, use morning and evening. Remove contact lenses while using the wand.
Apply one pump of the spray on closed eyes and give it a few seconds to take effect. Make sure to press the pump down fully for the spray to come out.

It is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. It is suitable for contact lens wearers and can be used over makeup (please allow makeup to dry for at least 10 minutes before us.)


Instant Relief Eye Spray
Colourless Sea Buckthorn Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Purified Water, Polyoxyethylene, Sorbitan Monooleate, Glycerol, Citric Acid Monohydrate, Trometamol, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride.
FREE FROM: Preservatives, alcohol, fragrance.
Plant-based ingredients are all Organic or Wild-Harvested.


Keep Eye Wand away from water. After use (and after turning off your device), wipe off the massage head with a dry cloth. If a deeper clean is needed; ring out a cloth so that there is nearly dry. Add a little anti-bacterial soap and wipe down the massage head. Or use alcohol wipes.

Do not use the wand if:

You are allergic to nickel (the wand head is made of a metal alloy that contains a small quantity of nickel).

Please consult your doctor before using daily if you are:

Epileptic, photophobic or light sensitive


Have had skin cancer in the last 12 months

Please wait 2 weeks before using the wand after any cosmetic treatments

Our wand is CE certified.

As our balm is made without any wax (which can block the glands in your eyes), it has a lower melting temperature. Store it in a cool, dark environment. In summer the balm might melt slightly - if it does, just pop it in the fridge (not freezer) for a few hours.

See individual product pages for detailed care info.

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