Limited Edition Festive Kit

The perfect gift for anyone whose eyes need some extra sparkle this festive season! Our limited edition festive kit comes with our beauty-editor-beloved Heated Eye Wand (called “genius” by Vogue) and our seasonal limited edition Coconut Eye Balm with green coffee extract. The Heated Eye Wand is dual-purpose Dry Eye treatment and cosmetic tool by combining a warm compress, gentle massage and red LED light therapy. These three features work together to help with Dry Eyes (by gently stimulating your Meibomian Glands to produce better quality tears) for naturally brighter, whiter and more comfortable eyes AND to help reduce puffiness and firm the whole eye area by boosting production of collagen and elastin. It’s the perfect all-round device to help pamper your peepers over the festive season and go into the new year bright eyed. This limited edition kit also includes our cult-favourite Coconut Eye Balm which has been given a festive makeover and now includes green coffee extract to help boost circulation around the eye area and reduce the appearance of dark circles. The balm and wand are the perfect pairing, use a tiny (1/2 pea size amount per eye) of the balm as a treatment around the eye area followed by 2 minutes of the Heated Eye Wand.

Kit includes:

  • Heated Eye Wand (+USB Charging Cable compatible with a USB plug for your geographic region)
  • Limited Edition Soothing Coconut Eye Balm with Green Coffee Seed Extract (120ml, 4oz).
  • Limited Edition Holiday Kit Bag

The duo comes in our limited edition green holiday kit bag to make it an extra special gift for a loved one (or yourself).

      +HOW TO USE

      1) Gently pat a pea-sized amount of our Soothing Coconut Eye Balm around your eye area using a clean finger.

      2) Heat-up your wand to 37-42 C (this should take about 1 minute). Add the massage and/ or LED features per your preference.

      3) Gently run the wand along your lower lid (below your eyelashes) starting with the inner corner of your eye and very slowly working your way to the outer corner of your eye. The slower the better - to give the heat enough time to work. One run from inner to outer corner should take 15 seconds. Repeat this motion for at least 60 seconds (please do not use the wand for longer than 60 seconds on any area).

      4) Repeat the process for your upper lid (we advise turning the red LED light off when the wand is being used on your upper lid).

      5) Repeat on the other eye.

      For best results, use every evening. Can also be used morning and evening or as often as required.



      Please do not use if:

      You are allergic to Nickel (the wand head is made of a metal alloy that contains a small quantity of Nickel).


      Please consult your doctor before using the wand daily if you are:

      Epileptic, photophobic or light sensitive


      Have had skin cancer in the last 12 months

      Please wait 2 weeks before using the wand after any cosmetic treatments

      Please do not use the coconut balm if you are allergic to coconut or any of the other ingredients (green coffee seed extract, cureberry extract).



      PACKAGING: 98% recyclable

      We strive for best-in-class recyclable materials on all of our products and use 2/3 the external packaging of most cosmetic/ skincare products. Our jar is made from PET plastic and is easily recycled or can be reused in your bathroom or kitchen. Read specific product descriptions for more details.



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